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The Environmental Benefits of Removing Your Old Junk Car

Are you thinking about getting rid of your old junk car? Choosing to remove and recycle your vehicle can have significant environmental benefits. Let’s explore why disposing of your old car responsibly is good for the environment:

1. Reducing Pollution and Contamination:

Old junk cars can leak hazardous fluids such as oil, coolant, and brake fluid, which can contaminate soil and water sources if not properly managed. By removing your old car, you help prevent these pollutants from entering the environment and causing harm to ecosystems and wildlife.

2. Preventing Waste and Landfill Overflow:

Disposing of your old car responsibly through recycling ensures that valuable materials such as metals, plastics, and rubber are salvaged and reused. This helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, which can minimize landfill overflow and associated environmental issues.

3. Conserving Natural Resources:

Vehicles contain valuable resources like steel, aluminum, and copper, which require significant energy to mine and produce. By recycling old cars, these materials can be reclaimed and reused in new manufacturing processes, reducing the need for virgin resources and conserving natural reserves.

4. Energy Savings and Emissions Reduction:

Recycling metals from old cars requires much less energy compared to extracting and refining virgin metals. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling steel saves about 74% of the energy required for primary production. By recycling your old car, you contribute to energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with metal production.

5. Promoting Sustainable Practices:

Choosing to remove your old junk car for recycling promotes sustainable practices within the automotive industry. Responsible recycling facilities like ours adhere to strict environmental regulations, ensuring proper handling and disposal of vehicle fluids and contaminants. By supporting responsible disposal options, you encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices.

How It Works:

Removing your old junk car with Select Auto Parts and Sales Inc. is simple and environmentally responsible. Contact us to schedule a pickup or drop-off of your vehicle. We’ll assess its condition, provide a fair valuation based on salvageable parts and scrap value, and handle all paperwork efficiently. Your car will then undergo careful dismantling and recycling processes, ensuring minimal environmental impact.


Removing your old junk car is more than just freeing up space—it’s a positive step towards protecting the environment. By choosing responsible disposal through recycling, you help reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, save energy, and promote sustainable practices. Join us in making a difference for the planet and remove your old junk car with Select Auto Parts and Sales Inc. today!

Ready to make an eco-friendly choice? Contact us to learn more about our car removal and recycling services. Together, let’s contribute to a cleaner, greener future.


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